She never disappoints me ..

Nan is an expert in making a fool or herself. She was just elected or appointed by her peers to be their House Speaker. Not saying much for them as a whole.

This is one of her latest attempts to try and sound intelligent.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.,  insists that building a border wall is “immoral.

BOARDER AGENT: I wonder when she last visited the border, spoke with agents, or conversed with families who live and work along it. Has she seen and heard the stories of the victims of the criminal violence that comes across the border, or counted the tens of thousands of people who have been harmed by the scourge of illegal drug and human trafficking?

The only thing that is immoral is the lack of intelligence this women has. It is so easy for anyone that has not been there and done that  to have an intelligent opinion on any matter.

I still can not get over the fact, Nan is the best socialist-democrats have to offer by anointing her as their leader. Now that is what I would consider immoral to the Nth degree.

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