Rubbing salt in the wound


Schumer, politicians, react to Trump’s shutdown announcement: ‘Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson’

Chuckie Boy sure knows how to rub salt in the wound.

The understand was that all parties concerned would work together for a permanent settlement. With an attitude like Chuckie has, I am sure it will piss off Trump and continue to cause a very bumpy road.

I will make a prediction, BUTT I hope I am wrong.


At the end of the GRACE PERIOD, no one will be smoking the peace pipe. The country will be as bad off then as were 10 hours ago.

Let us not forget that the democrats took a blood oath to shoot down Trump’s ever move. Why would it change now??

The icing on the cake is, they are celebrating, taking credit for a victory and patting each-other on the back for their ignorance.

The only suffering the politicians endured through this ordeal was, Nan got a sun-burn on her BUNS with in Hawaii.

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