I believe it – I believe it ….

Bernie Sanders acknowledges ‘economy is a disaster’ in Venezuela, as Omar accuses Trump of coup effort

Years ago I watched a movie named Stalag 13. It is about a prisoner of war camp in Germany during WW II.

In the movie there was a guy named The Animal. The Animal had been a prisoner for 18 months. He gets a letter from his wife telling him that she is expecting THEIR baby. He tells his fellow prisoners; I believe it – I believe it.

Stalag 17 FULL MOVIE – YouTube


The Animal played a great part, BUTT obviously was a dummy. So goes the sheep that follow the demo-socialist movement in this country.

With all of the overwhelming evidence staring them directly in the face as to all of the substantiated down sides of a socialist government, they, like the Animal are stupid, still insisting; I believe it – I believe it!!

There are two different types of people that believe in socialism in this country. First there are the harmless fools like Bernie that ARE true believers in the system, BUTT are too ignorant to admit it’s downsides. Secondly, there are the dangerous snakes in the grass instigating, antagonists that are looking to over-throw the USA.


When the handwriting is on the wall:

Why socialism always fails – AEI

http://www.aei.org/publication/why-socialism-always-fails/Mar 22, 2016 – Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with ….. This is very interesting, and if u really contemplate what this writing says,it makes …

What is Socialism—and Does It Work? | – Partners for Prosperity

https://partners4prosperity.com/does-socialism-work/Jul 18, 2018 – And most importantly—does socialism work? … So we really need to think about what history often tells us is the worst of both worlds: Big …

Has socialism ever worked? | Debate.org

https://www.debate.org › Opinions › Politics Socialism works in Europe as well–even though countries are parliamentary, many … It must because Capitalism does not work and there is no other viable option. …. works, but it gives the illusion that European socialism works, which it really …

SOOOOOO, with harmless people like Bernie, that has a snow balls chance in hell of ever getting elected the The Big Chair, like a pesky mosquito we just keep swatting them away.

The real threat are the snakes in the grass socialists that are determined to take the USA down with their radical movements. BUTT in reality they are not really the clinchers, it is all of the fools that follow them over the cliff like blind sheep that continue to say; I believe it – I believe it !!  In number there is strength and numbers constitute votes.

Two things, democracy and freedom, that once made the United States of America great, is exactly what is taking it down. The snakes in the grass are very dangerous and crafty people who are using the laws that protect them, using the against the government.

FREEDOM of what?? When a man has a house guest that is trying to destroy his family, what should he do with them?? Throw them out. BUTT for some antiquated reasons that were not instituted for these times in history, he is not allowed to. I say, change the rules.

Let us not forget; the constitution was put together hundreds of years ago by the guys that wore the wigs; never in their wildest dreams did they ever expect the USA to evolve to it’s deplorable current condition. In short, the constitution is some areas is unconstitutional.


There is nothing worse than a scumbag that eats at your table who is spitting the food back in your face.


The kindness and compassion of the USA that has taken in immigrants for centuries; that same kindness and compassion is being used against us and is what is killing the country. If left unchecked, these radicals will eventually take home all the marbles.

Rep. Ilhan Omar deletes tweet attacking Covington students, after backlash


  • This women and her movement are vicious.

There is nothing worse than a scumbag that eats at your table who is spitting the food back in your face.

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