Future of the USA … Not bright

Rep. Ilhan Omar deletes tweet attacking Covington students, after backlash

All I have to say is; you fools AXED for it.

The immigration doors have opened too wide for too long to close them. For all intents and purposes, the damage is already done. Too many foreigners have been allowed to cross that imaginary line into the USA over the years bringing their ideologies with them.

Joe and Jane Smith had 3 kids. Omrar and Mohammad had 14 kids. In 20 years the Smith’s kids had one kid each = 6; in that same time frame Mohammed kids has 15 more each = 210 . That same scenario is repeated thousands of times by design.

Mohammad and his clan had a game plan when they settle in the Land of Opportunity. They knew their scheme would not happen over night, BUTT they also knew if they kept banging out them babies, sooner or later, all of the off-spring would one day become voters.

Folks, you can take it from me; you fools AXED for it.

How do you think these wack-jobs got into office? What we are witnessing is just the tip of the ice pick.

Did anyone 50 or 100 years ago when immigrants came to this country, it would ever witness a revolution like we are having?? These people did not come to this country to assimilate, fit-in, adapt to our ways of life, their long range plan was to take over and conquer. AND guess what, because of the PC culture that has a strangle hold on this country, they have/are succeeding.

Is it called evolution or revolution?? I think a combination of both.

You better educate you kids and grand-kids well, they are going to need all the street smarts they can handle.

I have always maintained, the harder any kid has it growing up, without being physical abused, teaching them the REAL facts of life, and how to survive in the streets, the better off they will be.

There is a pathetic culture out there that has raised some very DELICATE kids that do not have the first inclination of how to survive under abnormal or adverse conditions. Why we AXE; because the parents are fools. Possibly their parents were fools as well.

Let me pass on a couple of metaphors I have grown to respect; a person has to know more how to take and punch then how to give one – a person has to eat liver once and awhile, so they can appreciate a steak.

When someone’s back is against the wall and they need to make their move, they better know what the hell they are doing. This is why a ghetto kid will be 10 times more prepared to defend themselves; they were raised in tough, sometimes adverse environments.

Life is not easy. Pampering and coddling kids are the worst thing a parent can do for them.

In essence, any parent that pampers a kid is doing it to make themselves feel better. They are doing the kid a GRAVE injustice.

Guess what foolish parents, you are destroying your kids. The future of the USA is going to be much harsher then it ever was. Prepare them well.

I usually do not agree with much the Huffington post prints, BUTT they hit this one square between the eyes.


A smart person learns by others mistakes.

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1 Response to Future of the USA … Not bright

  1. jimallega says:

    Scary and so true

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