Putting his food where his mouth is …

Jon Bon Jovi restaurant offering free meals to furloughed federal workers

In life there are doers and there are talkers; Bon Jovi, Jon and his wife are doers!!

We know who the talkers are; most of them work (take that back – collect their checks) in the place that is not even a state in this country. It is a district. All they do is bull-shit their way into politics and rarely extend themselves for anything or anyone UNLESS it benefits them greatly.

Bon Jovi; putting his food where his mouth is …

As the longest government shutdown in history hit the 29 day mark, Jon Bon Jovi told furloughed federal workers “I’ll Be There for You” — by offering free meals at one of his New Jersey restaurants. “In line with our mission, Federal workers are encouraged to join us for a delicious meal and to learn about additional support and resources available in our community,” the eatery owned by the famed musician and his wife, Dorothea, posted on Facebook Saturday.

The Red Bank, New Jersey, location of JBJ Soul Kitchen will provide its first meals to furloughed workers and their families for two hours midday Monday. The schedule of future meals at the location will be announced at a later date and be determined by “turnout, feedback and demand,” a news release said.

This act of kindness may be peanuts or skins off of the potatoes to Bon Jovi, BUTT to the recipients of his generosity, it means a lot.

One would think that POSSIBLY the parasitic politicians that are the root of this dilemma would come up with an idea like this, to at least feed the people that need it. BUTT when I give it a second thought, it will not benefit them in the least, so why should they extend themselves to help the people that voted them in office.

Hats off to Bon Jovi and his wife. Maybe some of the other celebs will get the hint and cut loose with some of their $oldi.


Isn’t it a disgrace and a huge BLACK EYE to this country having conditions like this exist; all because of some ego-maniac politicians?? They should be ashamed of themselves, BUTT I know they are not.

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