One grain of sand ….

Welfare-fraud suspects stole nearly $400G, authorities say

These thieves are the same as the comparison to the world and the universe.

They are one spec of sand on all the beaches in the world. Abuse of government funds and welfare fraud is so wide spread it is unimaginable.

How Widespread is Welfare Fraud? – The Financial Exchange › Business EconomyApr 7, 2017 – Welfare benefits cause some of the most contentious political debates these days. Is welfare fraud really a problem?

Food Stamps and SNAP Benefits Fraud: A Very Short History | Time › History › politicsMar 30, 2017 – The Very Short History of Food Stamp Fraud in America … The reform of the United States’ approximately $1 trillion in welfare programs is a …

What Happens When States Go Hunting for Welfare Fraud | The Pew ……/what-happens-when-states-go-hunting-for-welfare-fraudMay 24, 2017 – Welfare fraud costs states billions each year. But as states attempt to fish out fraud by conducting stricter and more frequent eligibility checks

The welfare system has grown to be to big and to out-of-control to ever get it back working the way it initially was intended. UNLESS they shut it down completely and start all over. That would not be a bad idea. Maybe I should run for political office??


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