Nan didn’t really say that, did she ??

In criticism of PDT’s THE WALL speech, Nutty Nan, tweeted, “What we didn’t hear from the President was any sympathy for the federal workers who face so much uncertainty because of the chaos of the #TrumpShutdown.”

Speaking of sympathy and compassion Mrs. Speaker; you and the other parasites should voluntarily stop your (174,000 yearly) paychecks until the shut down is settled. That act of decency, if you all have any, would show your solidarity toward the COMMON FOLKS.

The Average Joe in Congress (there are 529 of them) gets paid $174,000 per year. But not everyone is average; the speaker of the House gets $223,500 a year, while the majority and minority leaders of both the Senate and the House, along with the President Pro Tempore, get paid $193,400 per year.Dec 6, 2018

Yes; Pelosi makes 49,500$ more then the rest of THE SHIPS crew. Why you axe?? Good question. Gotta be for all the make-up she goes thru.

Speaking of WITCH, SPEAKER – why is it, the people who are paying your sorry booties, are not getting paid themselves?? There is absolutely something wrong with the SYSTEM!!


Not to mention Nan; cut out all of your trips to Hawaii and work on the settlement. CYFBI.

Nancy Pelosi is vacationing at Hawaii resort during shutdown | Fox ……/nancy-pelosi-is-vacationing-at-hawaii-resort-during-shutdo…Dec 28, 2018 – Nancy Pelosi is vacationing at Hawaii resort during shutdown … Because of the partial government shutdown – which went into effect a week …

I don’t even want to mention (again), Nan was going to take a little trip, naturally at the USA’s expense, to Egypt, Brussels and Afghanistan, for what reason I don’t know, possibly to strut her stuff since she was anointed to Speaker, that was until PDT (playing his own game of GET-BACK) cut off her wings and denied her a government owned aircraft for her little adventure.

If the OLD GIRL was such a patriot and was making a goodwill mission, she could have come-up-shooting with her own airfare. After all, she is ONLY worth multi-multi-million$.

It ALWAYS reverts back to my old saying; if they were paying our of their pockets, instead of staying at the 4 Seasons and eating surf and turf , they would be shacking up at Motel 6 and eating under The Arches – maybe!! Or in Nan’s case, not go at all.

Why don’t all you clowns on both side of the ditch, quit acting like 2nd graders (sorry 2nd graders for the insult) and settle this thing. You all know it has NOTHING to do with the money. Grown up, take some responsibility and admit it, this entire thing is a GET BACK AT TRUMP!!

Nan the the rest of The Ship of Fools. Show some class and stop your checks!!


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