The blood is on their hands if ….

Trump offers immigration compromise to end partial shutdown; Dems cool to offer

They had their minds made up before PT ever opened his mouth. The democrats are bound and determined to chop down Trump at everything he proposes, regardless if he offered all of the mothers a 50 carat diamond ring on a silver platter. They would want a 60 carat on a gold platter.

Way back when; these two-bit politicians vowed to block anything and everything Trump proposes regardless of how much sense it made and how it would benefit the America people.

I might understand why they dislike the man so intently; BUTT when their abstinence is affected the American people as it is, how can these check-getting -parasites justify what they are doing. They really can’t!!

I am still waiting for the democrat to explain their mindset and hypocrisy when these two speeches are almost verbatim. Trump is saying the exact same thing Wild Bill did.

They made WB a hero and PDT a villain.

As the old saying goes if they do not come to terms with Trump; the blood is on their hands.

This is the most disgraceful example of self-centered, greedy, egotistical, politics I have seen in all my life. ANDDDDDDDD; the blood suckers keep getting their pay checks.

Trump took Pelosi’s air plane ride across the pond away from her, he should put a stop to the blood suckers pay checks.

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