A dapper rapper in sheep’s clothing

R. Kelly and Sony Agree to Part Ways Amid Allegations


R. Kelly and Sony split as pressure mounts over sexual misconduct allegations

He may turn out to make Mr Huxtible look like a punk/novice.

I watched the segment on TV last night about R (my stand for RAPIST) Kelly. IFFFFF, these allegations are true and all indicators point that way. Kelly is another in the long line of serial abusers with big buck$ and a lot of clout that has bought his way out of many jackpots, and kept his greasy ass out of jail up until now.

There have been several settlements made to his victims, one as high as 1.5 million to keep their mouths shut. BUTT like all the rest, they deny any responsibility.

I could never understand why anyone would pay someone off, especially such huge amounts, if they claim they are not guilty.

Michael Jackson got away clean without doing any jail time, BUTT it cost him a fortune to pay off all the kids he molested. Naturally, like all the rest, he denied it to the hilt.

It takes a lot of courage for the ladies/victims of high-powered people to come forward. It opens up their entire life and many times their lives are on trial instead of the perpetrator.

In Kelly’s case, he has gone a little further to protect himself. He has/had some low-life/goon/enforcer on his payroll that was going to take physical actions against his accusers to hush them up.


After a brief delay, R. Kelly’s former manager James Mason has officially turned himself into police after facing an outstanding arrest warrant was issued in Georgia last summer.

According to a report CNN published earlier today (Jan. 18), Mason surrendered to Georgia’s Henry County Sheriff’s Dept. after he was accused of making terroristic threats towards the family of Kelly’s alleged victim Joycelyn Savage last year. Her father, Timothy Savage, told police that Mason sent him text messages that made him fear for his family’s livelihood.

Let us put this in perspective. Kelly paid of millions of dollars to ladies that accused him of molestation, his low-life/goon/enforcer threaten bodily harm against them to silence them, BUTT Kelly claims he is not guilty.


My hats is off to all of his victims and to others that have the courage to come forward, knowing that it will be a very bumpy road ahead for them.

Some of his accusers: The degenerate has a propensity for under-aged girls. Many that he had affairs with with were as young as 13 – 14 years old.


I am elated to see that many of his sponsors and business associates are separating themselves from the rapist/molester.

I try to be very opened minded in most cases, BUTT one of the things that disturbed me is; the following these criminals have when they are as guilty as sin. It is much more prevalent in the black community than the white.

Kelly has thousands of supporters supporting him, even though all indicators suggest his is guilty. I will label it the OJ Syndrome.  

Do these fools ever stop and AXE themselves, what if she was my daughter that was raped/molested or don’t they care??

Did any of the fools that supported OJ, ever stop and AXE themselves, what if Nicole was my kid? Or was it because she was white??

Guilty is guilty regardless of what race a person happens to be or how many 0000000’s they have stashed away. Fools that support someone like Kelly or OJ, knowing they are guilty are about as ignorant as anyone can be.


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