Trump instructed Michael Cohen lie to Congress: Report

Trump instructed Michael Cohen lie to Congress: Report

Talk about having your tits in the ringer. I hate to say so, butt I think this is the Tip of the ice pick that will eventually bring down Donald Trump. The hair is a little different, BUTT you get the point.


These are two separate issues, at two different times in history, BUTT there is a parallel. Tricky Dick had the election won hands down in 1968 when he ran against Hubert Humphrey. There was no need for him to cheat (Watergate) and better yet, lie about it.

Same O – Same O with Donald Trump. For all intents and purposes, he would have beat CHC clean and without any help from The Judo Guy, if in fact, he really did intercede, as all indicators are pointing.

I have always maintained, IFFF I ever intended to rob a bank robber, I will do it myself. That way no one can hang me except myself.

The Donald, right, wrong or otherwise, put his faith and trust in someone he thought was his close friend Cohen, BUTT Judas turned him in for a bag of silver. Guess who is going to be instrumental in taking PDT to the proverbial gallows. GOOD GUESS.


Most people view true friendship very lightly. A true friend is a person that can live in your house for 6 months while you are out of town, and you don’t have to worry about them sleep-walking.

Most people have no idea what a true friend is. They fall in love with everyone they meet in 15 seconds, and spill their guts to them. Friendship is earned over time, not taken for granted. Friendship is more important when the chips are down instead of when everyone is living high on the hog.

Loyalty, especially in big business or with the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is virtually non-existent. The pirates out there are only in the game for themselves. As soon as the heat is turned up, they drop their drawers for a dime like a Saturday night hooker on Prospect.

I certainly do not condone the behavior of PDT with some of the shots he has pulled, before and after sitting in THE BIG chair, BUTT that is the way big business is conducted. Gotta get a leg up on the competition, by any means possible.

There is NO ONE that hit the B-MARK in their life that did it without cross the nasty line somewhere down the road. I will include many of the folks in the M bracket as well.

I still would like to see an investigation on everyone that has Rolled Boulders at PDT since he took office. If that was ever conducted, guaranteed, the halls of congress would look like Chernobyl after the melt down.

In a very unusual way, depending on the severity of the crime, I have more respect for the perpetrator than I do the FINK. Remember something; if they will drop a dime on someone else, they most certainly will drop a quarter on you.

They better put Cohen in a solitary. They love finks in THE CAN and he just might get it in his (homonym) the CAN .

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