Frank is being very frank ….

Biden family sounds warning – Dems moving too far left

Frank Biden, Joking Joes’s brother, admitted that some of the Biden clan jumped ship and put their check mark in Trump’s box instead of CHC’s in the 2016 election.


Joe Biden represented Delaware in the Senate but is originally from Pennsylvania. According to his brother, the former vice president’s Pennsylvania family “felt slighted” by Hillary Clinton.

They don’t take kindly to arrogant politicians who think they’re better than them and single-handedly insult and stereotype blocs of voters. Much like Hillary Clinton did in 2016 when she called Trump supporters a “basketful of Deplorables.”

The fact of the matter is, many of the democrats/socialists, or whatever they call themselves this morning, especially the younger generation that espouse to Ortez/Cortez messages or whatever her name is, are going to far left and becoming extremists. Whether they know it or not, their dialog and behavior will incite a lot of crazies out there to go off the deep end, not to mention, they will destroy this country if the accomplish their goals.

If Frank Biden was insulted or disturbed by CHC calling the other side deplorables, I wonder how Frank feels about Sammy The Mouth Jackson, Booby The BOOB Di Nero and their crew calling Trump a motherfucker and telling him to go fuck himself?

It seems that Frank Biden is a decent guy. As I have stated many, many times. I could care less about anyone’s race, color, creed, political persuasion, with people in politics, I just want them to do their jobs properly and keep the American peoples interest in their forefront, instead of their personal agendas. Democrat – Republican – Independent, those are just titles and names. Once most of the fools get into office, no telling what road they will go down.

It is refreshing to see that someone like Frank Biden, especially someone related to a HIGHER-UP, has some commonsense and decency and not fearful of addressing sensitive facts. Those attributes have become as rare as hens teeth.

Being honest, decent and forthright are very strong attributes for anyone to have. I am happy to see the Biden family isn’t totally infected.

Can we imagine how successful/productive the USA could be if the politicians actually did what they were elected for?

  1. If the politicians had a full-time job, instead of only showing up 138 days a year. When they do show-up, they rarely accomplish anything.

2. Started focusing their efforts on straightening out this country instead of who slept with who 20 years ago. I am positive that the majority of them are not as clean as they would want us to believe they are.

Will the Boulder Rolling and name calling ever cease?? Not likely. There are to many egomaniacs in politics on all sides of the isle that will not compromise.

I see that the parasites are still getting paid while many government workers are not. Do they think they are special people and better than everyone else?? Obviously yes!!! Does it bother them – are they ashamed of themselves?? Absolutely not.


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