If smooth is what you are looking for …..

USA Today

Take this, Trump: More cities add Barack Obama’s name to landmarks, highways

The way USA Today makes it sound, they have the illusion Trump is in a pissing contest with Obama to see who can get the most roadways named after them.

It is totally amazing the gullibility of some people. Gotta give it to the man, he is SMOOTH – The Golden Tongue of the Teleprompter – if smooth is what you are looking for, Obama is it – on the other hand …

Just an observation of two Slick Willies’: Obama and Wild Bill seem to have that same type of swagger. That air of confident, sort of an arrogant strut. Possibly it comes with the job. Although through the years, the two men didn’t have much use for one another, they seem to be cut from the same ultra-liberal cloth in many of their ideologies and mannerisms

What is the use, it is just beating that dead horse and not worth the effort. Some fools are just fools, no getting around it.


For all of the supporters and fans of the Obama highways, I still have some PRIME swamp land available in Florida. I just APPROPRIATELY named the area the swamp is located on, calling it Gullibleville. It seems to fit the people that are buying it.


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