They have money to burn …

USA TODAY: Julian Castro announces bid for president in 2020

There must be a lot of high rollers out there that have a lot of ca$h that are backing all of these wanna-be candidates for president in 2020.

These numbers sound too far fetched to believe:

List of 2020 presidential candidates

This table lists the 446 candidates who have filed with the FEC to run for president as of January 2, 2018, including candidates from the following parties:[

  • 133 Democratic candidates
  • 60 Republican candidates
  • 18 Libertarian candidates
  • 10 Green candidates

I was going big and thought MAYBE 30 – 40 people threw their hats or bonnets in the race, BUTT 446? GMAFB

Tell me what is the attraction, BUTT to gain superior power and make bundles of money, while, and after serving the office. I was going to list all the names, butt I know no one would care to read all the names.

The cost to run for the top seat is very expensive undertaking. To some, if their guy or gal wins, they are indebted for life. Some very big favors have been bestowed on some folks that came up with the big bucks.

Fundraising. Throughout the general election campaign, Clinton consistently led Trump in fundraising. Through August 2016, Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s main super PAC, Priorities USA Action, had raised more than $700 million, while Trump had brought in $400 million.

In Obama’s second run for the office, Between early-2011 and June 30, 2012, the Obama campaign and supporters spent approximately $400 million, according to the Federal Election Commission.

These dudes sure are not eating UNDER THE ARCHES or staying at Motel 6!!

If my little calculator is correct, the three candidates combined spent 1 billion 500 thou$and dollar$ between the two elections. That is unconscionable and sinful to blow that kind of money on an election.

There absolutely are some huge advantages, beside the prestige of the job, being the President of the USA. If not, there would not be so many people running for the office.

Let us be generous and assume that 10% of the people running for The Big Chair give two shits about the well-being of the American people. The other 90% are in the race for their own personal, gain, status and selfish reasons. History has proven that.

Lets face it folks. The majority of the people running for president and most other political offices have their own agenda and that is the bottom line. We can see it in this redicilous WALL THING that is going on between the politicians.

They are getting their rocks off, busting each-others balls and WHATEVER, while the citizens of this country are suffering. This is only a game to them; a game they are getting paid to play while it is severely damaging many American citizens. They have no shame!!

This latest dude to throw his lid in the ring has the wrong last name for the job. I wonder if he checked with his cousin Fidel before making his announcement?? Stranger things have happened.

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