Megyn Kelly, NBC News reach separation agreement

Megyn Kelly, NBC News reach separation agreement

The old girl did not realize when she was well off. The fox should have stayed with Fox.

She had it made and didn’t know it …..

I did this post on 10/25/2018 when Kelly started her journey of jumping from ship to ship. She had it made and didn’t know it or was playing it dumb like a foxette. 

NBC News announced its professional divorce agreement with Megyn Kelly late Friday, ending an association with the former Fox News Channel star whose attempt to become a network morning television star as part of the “Today” show floundered.

Terms were not disclosed. Kelly was in the second of a three-year contract that reportedly paid her more than $20 million a year. Multiple news outlets reported she would receive the remaining amount of her contract.

What a life. Get hired for 20 million, get bounced and still collect the 20 million. Not too bad. That tidy little sum should keep the Blond Bomb shell in groceries for awhile.


I often wonder if any of the celebs regret some of the poses they took or some of the foolish things they do?? Probably not. The way they view it; even bad publicity is good publicity!!

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