Another Class Act …

‘The Good Wife’ actor Josh Charles says ‘fuck every single person’ that supports Trump

Directly from the mouth of another low-class, anti-Trump hater:
“I’m so sick of this motherfucker. Just so sick. This needs to end. Fuck him and every single person who continues to support him and his dangerous administration. 


I have never seen such hostility directed at anyone, let alone the President of the USA in my life. I can’t help butt wonder if this fool has kids he wants to impress by his ignorance???

The problem is not the disagreements, it is the disrespect these Boulder Rollers use directed at the office and the President of the USA.

The are alternatives.



1. Focus on Facts

A strong argument is one that uses facts over opinion. But, that can be difficult to remember when you’re in the middle of a disagreement.

However, a respectful — not to mention compelling — disagreement is one that prioritizes logic over your emotions about the situation. So, don’t forget to place your emphasis on the reasoning and information supporting your disagreement.

2. Don’t Get Personal

Speaking of getting personal, it’s something you want to avoid at all costs when disagreeing with someone — particularly in a professional setting.

Obviously, that means you shouldn’t put down the other person or attack his or her ideas and beliefs. That’s not at all helpful or productive.

Instead, focus on illustrating why you feel the way you do. Remember, your goal is to effectively present your ideas — not to just poke holes in the other person’s.

3. Recognize the Good

Yes, you’re disagreeing with this person. But, rarely is a suggestion so bad that you can’t find a single nugget of wisdom hidden in there somewhere.

Before launching right in with your argument, it’s best if you can preface it with something that you like about that person’s original suggestion — and then use that as a launching point for your own idea.

For example, something like, “I definitely think you’re on the right track in saying that we need to improve our customer response time. But, what if we did it this way instead?” shares your idea in a way that’s friendly and collaborative — and not at all accusatory.

4. Remember to Listen

There’s a trap that’s all too easy to fall into when you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement: Rather than actively listening, you’re just sitting there waiting for your chance to respond.

Unfortunately, conversations where you’re completely tuning the other person out are never productive. So, remember to actually listen to the points your conversational partner is presenting. You might be surprised — you could end up finding an even better solution that way.

5. Use “I” Statements

Which one of the following statements sounds more harsh and critical?

You always come up with these big ideas so close to the deadline that you only make things harder for everybody.”

“I see where you’re coming from, but I’m concerned we might be getting too close to the deadline for major changes.”

Chances are, the first one made you recoil just a little bit. This example is an adequate representation of why it’s best to use “I” statements when disagreeing with someone. It’s just another subtle way to illustrate that your disagreement isn’t a personal attack.

No, effectively disagreeing isn’t all about sugarcoating what you’re trying to say. But, making even this small effort to soften your language can make a big difference in how your message is received.

6. Know When to Move On

That cliché catchphrase “agree to disagree” is oft-repeated for a reason: It can be a handy sentiment to lean on when you need it.

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of respectfully disagreeing with someone is knowing when you need to just call it quits and move on.

No, it’s not always easy to swallow your pride and walk away — particularly when you feel strongly about your side. But, sometimes it’s the best thing you can do.

Disagreements are inevitable. But, there’s definitely a wrong way and a right way to present your own arguments.

They are very good examples on how to disagree with style.

I like # 6. Know when to move on. The horse they have been beating has been deceased many moons ago!!


There were many times during TMC’s administration he could have been chastised or called some very choice words. People may have thought it, BUTT we NEVER heard anyone insult him to the degree they are with Trump.

May I say, TMC did deserve a lot more criticism than he received. We all know why he wasn’t frequently under attack and if he was, his adversaries did it with respect.

I have alluded to this many times before. In a very unusual mindset. I think these fools who are as vulgar toward PDT as they have been, are doing him a favor, by truly displaying their ignorance. There is nothing wrong with having/thinking ill feels toward someone, BUTT to openly, in a extremely vulgar manner, disrespect the president’s office, TABOO.

I can not imagine that many people, on either side of the fence, sees the use of vulgarity against the president as favorable or amusing. If so, it puts them on the same level as the defamer, the epitomy of ignorance.

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