Delusional old broad ….

Government shutdown: Pelosi says Trump prefers ‘soap opera’ over serious negotiations

Just-in-case this old broad doesn’t know it; they are ALL disgraceful examples of what politics in the USA has evolved to. She has to take a good look in the mirror and see who the ring-masters are in this circus.


I will never say that Trump is 100% right, I won’t even give him 50%, BUTT I will say the the democrats have publicly stated; anything Trump does while he is in office, they will shoot down. ANYTHING. Who in the hell are they hurting with their childish behavior but the American people, all in the name of satisfying their ego.

The democrats have continually gone against anything and everything Trump has suggested or accomplished. Not for any other reason, BUTT because they have an unquenchable hatred for the man.

If the shoe was on the other foot and CHC was sitting on the LOVE SEAT with WB, the wall would have been built/funded already no matter what price tag she put on it.

One example of double-standards, concrete proof that is undeniable. Let me see them bull-shit their way out of this one.

BUTT, like all politicians, they either don’t show up for the deposition, take the 5th, don’t answer the question or lie their ass off.

Where is this circus ever going to end?? One thing I do know for certain, it will not end on a good note regardless of which direction it goes.

In my opinion, Trump is behaving the way he is, 50% because it is the right thing to do and 50% because his ego does not want to be defeated.

On the other side of the fence, the democrats are 100% at fault for not backing Trump with his attempt to control illegal immigration.

There is one gigantic issue many people fail to realize, are too blind or DO NOT want to understand. No one is denying any immigrant admission to the USA, IF they are vetted properly.

End of story

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1 Response to Delusional old broad ….

  1. Nick says:

    Sick and tired of Nancy and Chuck I hope they will pay the price in2020.

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