Ego or necessity????

Analysis: President Donald Trump hits a wall – the new Democratic House

There is no question actions have to be taken to block the illegal immigrants from entering the country. Do we need a 21 billion dollar wall?? Not in my opinion. I will stand fast on my suggestion to modify what we have and electrify the fence.

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Posted on 12/27/2018 by The Goomba Gazette

As far as PDT stand on the wall is concerned, he is exactly right that the country must secure its boarders to maintain the flow of immigrants into the country, especially TO KEEP OUT the criminal elements. BUTT on the other side of PDT, it is my opinion that PDT is trying to satisfy the commitment (his ego) he made while campaigning as much as he wants to build it for security.

PDT has taken a very personal stand on the issue because of his pledge. The democrats have taken a very personal stand on the issue because of their hatred for Trump and because of their unexplained ignorance.

Anyone that can not see the down-sides to open boarders, now and in the future, I would suggest they get professional help. They have lost sight of one very important set of facts. Once you give something away, you can’t ever get it back.

Once the immigration doors would be thrown wide open, they can’t ever be controlled again. It is bad now, BUTT if the democrats and the PC-ers have their way, in no time at all, the USA will resemble a third world country. May I say, in some areas those conditions exist already.

Does anyone really believe that Schurmer, Nan and the rest of the Ship of Fools would ever relinquish any of their worldly possession or inconvenience themselves personally to make their obsession happen.

The people that are most adamant about open boarders are the people that are least affected by it, if and when it would happen. They sit on top of Knob Hill looking down at the LITTLE PEOPLE dealing with the conditions they have created and go about their lives as if all is well in La La Land.

They are the same hypocrites that voted not to have their pay stopped if the government shut down. SOOO,does anyone with half a brain think they REALLY give two shits about them?? It is nothing BUTT a %#&*@* game to them. The democrats have blatantly stated; ANYTHING THAT HAS THE TRUMP STAMP ON IT, THEY WILL SHOOT DOWN.

I might go so far as to say; if PDT did not want the wall, the Ship of Fools would go the other way just to put him down. Possibly in 40 years, the democrats will forget they got their ass stomped in 2016 by a guy that was not one of them. Don’t kid yourself folks; this is what it is mostly all about, beside stupidity.

Wake up all the folks out there and see who your real allies is. Even if PDT’s motivation is partially fueled by his ego, he truly is looking out for the safety and security of the people. The problem is, he has a hard tie expressing himself properly. Gotta cut back on the exaggerations!!

It is ludicrous to believe that the democrats or mostly any of the politicians have the welfare of the people first and foremost. How can anyone be judged; except by their actions!! They are the same hypocrites that voted not to have their pay stopped if the government shut down.


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1 Response to Ego or necessity????

  1. JCscuba says:

    As previously stated Goomah, I didn’t see it that way, Trump should have been captain of the ship with both sides of congress along for the ride. I’ve book marked you site, I enjoy it. Thanks. J..C.

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