Warren Wilhelm is THE MAN ..

New York City to provide universal health care to all city residents, mayor announces

This new revaluation by Warren ( His real name) will be the test run to see if universal health (100% free medical care) can work for the entire State of New York and not bankrupt it more than it is already.

If it can not work on a State level, how can it work on a national level??? Wake up and smell the deception folks.

I hope it does work and proves me wrong, BUTT I doubt it. Take a look at New York’s latest financial standings.


A new analysis of the latest available audited financial reports found New York has a Taxpayer Burden™ of $21,500, earning it an “F” grade based on Truth in Accounting’s grading scale. Financial decisions made by the state’s elected officials over the years have left New York with a $143 billion shortfall, which equates to $21,500 for every taxpayer. Much of the state’s overall debt comes from constitutionally protected pension benefits and retiree health care costs. Of the $245.2 billion in retirement benefits promised, the state has not funded $15.5 billion in pension and $110.7 billion in retiree health care benefits.

NOWWWW; unless Warren is a magician and can print money out of water or conversation, I would assume that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Even Warren’s kissing cousin Andrew Cuomo and some other Democrats in the majority have been skeptical of the proposal, saying the cost could double the state’s roughly $170 billion budget and require new taxes.

If his plan is successful (I don’t see how it can be) he will be a hero. If it fails like I think it will, as typical for all politicians, they are nowhere to be found when the shit hits the fan.


I am the 1st one that would love to see some of these pipe-dreams of The Ship of Fools come to fruition, BUTT they are an impossibilities without destroying many other facets of the government in the process.

I am gonna give you the best example I can think of.

When TMC put together is plan for Universal health care (Obama-care) for every citizen in the country, he literally STOLE/MISAPPROPRIATED fund from other programs to the tune of billions of dollar$ to make his pipe dream work.

Now tell me, is that to be considered an achievement stealing from Peter to pay Paul?? Hell no. A 2nd grader could have done the same thing and possible been more successful.

I don’t pull these facts out of my keester:

Thanks To Obamacare, Government Debt Is Worse Than You Think. You’re probably aware that the US budget deficit jumped to $590 billion for fiscal 2016. What you might not know is that US government debt rose by $1.4 trillion last fiscal year. That difference between the deficit and debt increases is a huge number. Nov 2, 2016

Come on you despicable-stick-up-artists; get real and lay it on the line in a logical, financially sound manner instead of bull-shitting the people on how great you are while you are actually fleecing them to death. You are deliberately liars, giving people false hope.

If these numbers are accurate, how can Warren pull this off: Financial decisions made by the state’s elected officials over the years have left New York with a $143 billion shortfall, which equates to $21,500 for every taxpayer.


I don’t know if it is just me, BUTT I can not trust a guy that changed his name for political reasons.

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