One nut case after another …

Newsom pushes sweeping new California health-care plan to help illegal immigrants, prop up ObamaCare

It looks like Gruesome Newsome is taking over where Brown the Clown left off.

Shortly after he took office on Monday, California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom unearthed an unprecedented new health care agenda for his state, aimed at offering dramatically more benefits to illegal immigrants and protecting the embattled Affordable Care Act, which a federal judge recently struck down as unconstitutional.

I hear next move on the new governor’s agenda is to buy all the illegals a new car, house and put about 50,000$ in a bank account for all of them. In some situations the illegals are better off than the citizens of this country.

There is so much $pent on the illegals in this country everyday, while multitudes of necessary projects being shoved under the carpet and neglected. Does it make sense??

Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall

The conditions that are driving people to our boarders have been going on for centuries and there is no sign of them changing soon. This cycle is never going to end. I see no logical reason to feed others when many of our own people are starving.

There has to be something in the air affecting these California politicians that damages/impairs their brain to function normally. Normal, mentally sound people do not neglect their own to take care of others. It is a natural instinct.

One nutcase went out the back door and another came in the front.

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