Few definite answers ….

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s interview

It is apparent Cortez is lady on a mission and she is a true believer in her causes, BUTT she is like a guy that keeps walking in circles, when asked how she intends to pay for all of her proposals, she answered in circles.

I think change for the better in any sector is great, especially in the government, BUTT the changes have to be logical, reasonable and do-able. Trillion of dollars can not be blown on pipe-dreams.

She has a multitude of suggestions/ideas on how to fix the government, BUTT does not have the answers on how to go about it. One of her continual responses to Anderson Cooper’s questions was, we will find a way. I would think at some point in time Cortez has to come up with workable/logical answers to

Her situation resembles the old cliche’ that goes; If you have a wish in one hand and you defecate in the other, all you really have is defecation.

Gotta be realistic in this world and stay with-in the guide line of what is possible or what is not. Is it possible to go to the Moon?? Absolutely yes. Is it possible to go to Jupiter?? Hell no. Don’t shoot for Jupiter, concentrate on the Moon mission.

Ocasio-Cortez is a self-described democratic socialist. She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She supports progressive policies such as Medicare for All, a job guarantee where the recipient does not have to work for their pay (Universal Income) tuition-free public college, ending the privatization of prisons, and enacting gun-control policies. Many of these are shooting for Jupiter and are impossible.

Possibly, it will get to the point with some of the far-left-extremists/socialists, as they continue to try and sell Jupiter to the masses, their supporters will be dropping away.

It is just like what is happening with PDT. His true character is surfacing and his popularity is dwindling. It is too bad, THE MAN has a lot to offer if he got rid of the Gigantic Ego. He hasn’t figured it out yet, not to keep sticking his hand in the mouse trap repeatedly, 1- 2 – 3 – 4 – 5- times maybe, 300 is absolute foolishness.

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