I must have a crystal ball ….

On 12/31/15 I did a post on China building the biggest aircraft carrier in the world, possibly to come across the pond and collect what is owed them. Even back then I was ALMOST right on target.

Lets get ready to rumble!!!

Posted on 12/31/2015 by The Goomba Gazette

Check out what one of their highest ranking military had to say recently.

China says it’s building new homegrown aircraft carrier:


RECENT NEWS: China is betraying a level of strategic anxiety not yet seen as the impact of trade tariffs looms and its return to its historical power role in the Asia seems to have stalled.

On Dec. 20, Chinese Rear Adm. Lou Yuan, while speaking at a military trade conference, announced that what the United States feared most was casualties and that the easiest way to defeat China’s main rival was to sink two American super-carriers, killing over 10,000 sailors in the process. When that has happened, Admiral Lou announced, then “we’ll see how frightened America is.”

There are many things the average American does not know about foreign powers, because the have lead a relatively sheltered life. Even as bad as the Americans are in some ways of living, the most important thing to the majority them is life itself, the safety and security of their families. That is NOT the case with many of the foreign governments as to what value they put on their people. People are just numbers to them and are very expendable, if the circumstances warrant their demise.

In a nut shell, if the Chinese lost a few million people, they would probably relish the fact. If they thought for one minute they could invade the USA in some fashion and come away unscathed, they would be at our door step in a heart beat.

The Chinese are just one of the reasons that our NEW elected political leaders and the Ship of Fools who are contemplating the reduction in our military forces, should reconsider. They have rocks in their heads.

I would go so far as to say, if push came to shove, forget THE WALL and use the funds to reinforce out fighting machines.

I am not trying to be a crape hanger with all of the negativity I post, just a realist that has been around the block as few times and can see the hand-writing on the wall. The USA is it’s own worst enemy, thinking we are invincible!! So did The Roman Empire, UNTIL!!!

It is not a matter of if the USA is ever going to be challenged by a foreign power on out home turf, it is only a matter of when.

Sad to say, the 151 billion Obama released to Iran may be used to wipe us off the map. That is exactly what they promised and TMC still signed it over. Let me hear someone justify that.

Back then I did dozens of post on; OBAMA was paying our enemy to annihilate us. WELL?????

You heard it here from The Goomba Gazette.

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