Cream of the crop – Classy bitch – HUH???

Newly elected, anti-Trump rep vows Dems will ‘impeach the motherfucker’ in shocking rant

This low-class bitch (female dog) falls right into line with and in the same category as Sammy the Mouth Jackson – Bobby BAD BOY Di Nero and the rest of the disrespectful fools out there.

I have never witnessed hatred at this level in all my life and believe me, I have been around the block. Some of the critics of Trump have sunk lower than some street people I know. Should Trump be criticized if necessary?? Absolutely yes, BUTT for them to referee to POTUS as a mother fucker, is totally off the charts and out of line.

It is uncalled for – disrespectful – unwarranted and shows the true character of these individuals that have themselves on a pedestal. Someday it is going to come back to haunt them. They are shameful people.

So much for setting an example for the kids. I hope their kids grow up and turn out as piss poor as they have.

Is this what the USA has evolved into?? The land that was supposed to be the shinning beacon for all mankind to follow?? Because of fools like Tialb, the USA has become the laughing stock of the world.

It is perfectly OK to bad rap someone if you disagree with them or what they represent, BUTT to be as outright nasty and disrespectful as The Ship of Fools have been to the presidential office, that only fortifies what kind of uneducated, low-class fools they really are.

I wonder how this bitch and others like her would response if someone called them a mother fucker???  Quite possible someone has!!

I don’t know why the media tries to soft-soap their print by leaving letters out of a word. Newly elected, anti-Trump rep vows Dems will ‘impeach the mother—-er’ in shocking rant. 

We all know what the intent is. SPELL IT OUT

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2 Responses to Cream of the crop – Classy bitch – HUH???

  1. bzerob says:

    This is the same Michigan rep that bundled herself in a Palestinian flag at her victory party. Then she swears in on a Quran. She has an agenda that is totally counter the US Constitution and claims allegiance to a terrorist run “land claim” against Israel! Palestine is not a country. It is a biblical spot on the map. Totally out to create havoc and discord. Shameful and this is just the first week.

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