Tooth and nail …

Chipotle customer bit into metal nail in his burrito, chipped a tooth:

I don’t know if it is just me; BUTT why would anyone with half a brain continue to patronize Chipotle after all of its mishaps. They certainly have had their share of unpalatable incidents.

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The latest incident to hammer the Mexican eatery;

Chipotle customer bit into metal nail in his burrito, chipped a tooth:

A Chipotle Mexican Grill customer says he bit into a chicken burrito and chipped his tooth on a half-inch-long metal nail.

Nicolas Ramos of Malden, Massachusetts, went to a Chipotle in nearby Saugus on Thursday, but got a surprise a few bites in, according to Wicked Local Saugus. He told the cashier who gave him back his money and apologized, plus he informed the company via its website.

Ramos posted pictures of the food on Facebook with a brief explanation of what had happened to him.

“Now, there’s a hairline crack up my front tooth and a chip out of my bottom tooth,” Ramos told the local news website, adding that he initially thought what he’d bitten into was overcooked chicken. “It hurts whenever I eat or try to bite something.”

Have the top brass ever considered a possible conspiracy. It may not be to far fetched that someone/a group in the preparation department at Chipotle is out to sabotage the business from within.

How many supposed mishaps can one company have accidentally?? If it did happen, how does a nail get into the food accidentally?? Did it fall out of the ceiling?? Did it come from the ground meat they put in their mix??

It can also be that Mr. Ramos is looking for a payday???

Whatever the case may be, I find it unusual the doors are still open at Chipotle.

May I suggest; all future patrons bring a metal detector with them or get a good dental plan before eating there.


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