From Fox News – Money manager stole nearly $40G from elderly clients, authorities say

Money manager stole nearly $40G from elderly clients, authorities say

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This lamenting piece of work is shedding tears of Feeling sorry for herself for getting caught, not for being a thief.

It’s one thing when a thief  robs a bank, it is like they are shafting the institution, not a person directly. BUTT when some heartless bitch like Lisa Hillerich robs from the elderly or unfortunate, they are getting down close to the same level with pedophiles.

A fiduciary manager in Kentucky was arrested two days before Christmas for allegedly stealing nearly $40,000 from four of her elderly clients, according to court documents.

Lisa Marie Hillerich, 38, was taken into custody Sunday on three warrants and charged with three counts of theft by deception and six counts of knowingly exploiting an adult, Louisville FOX affiliate WDRB-TV reported.

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Police say Hillerich stole roughly $38,000 between July and October.

She allegedly stole $1,000 in mid-July and $1,131 in October from an elderly victim to pay rent for her dance studio, the report said. Hillerich then stole $15,000 from another victim’s bank account in mid-October – about two months after the victim had died, according to the report.

Years back there was a very well known ambulance chaser in Cleveland that always thought he was 3 steps above everyone else. He lived very high on the hog and looked down his nose at the rest of the little people. Not surprising, he took exactly after his father who was a judge in town. I won’t mention any names.

This wanna bee and his partner embezzled 2,5 million from some 30 victims including some poor guy that was completely paralyzed. The victims submitted statements to the court detailing how they had trusted the two attorneys with their life savings or with settlements they had received from court cases.

The two high rolling ambulance chasers put most of the embezzled money on the stock market and then gambled away a good portion.

At the time of the trial, the two defendants now sitting on the other side of the table of justice, claimed they were going to put the 2.5 million back into the accounts when they made their score on the market.

Up jumped the devil and the market took a dive.

Somehow their dirty deed was detected. Both of them were arrested, went to trial and both sent to the slams for between 15 and 45 years.  It was the talk of Cleveland for awhile that a high rolling, a son of a judge, wanna bee and his partner who were supposed to be pillars of the community were as dirty as they come.

Lets hope that Lisa Hillerich gets what coming to her and she doesn’t get some bleeding hearted judge that falls for the tearing act.

Just a little advice from one that knows. It is more likely that a family member or a friend is going to jam it to you where the sun doesn’t shine before a complete stranger will. Be very selective with who you entrust with your investments with or hire as an accountant.

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