Chumplee, better known as Chumlee plead guilty for drug abuse and selling guns/ Consequently was shit canned from a very lucrative gig as the jokster on the hot TV series Pawn Stars.

Report shows what cops found at Chumlee’s house besides guns, drugs…chumlees…/81826328/Mar 15, 2016

The arrest report for Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars is dead serious: The Las Vegas cops found lots of guns and drugs at his …

He had the world by the ass, BUTT didn’t know it. According to records, Austin “Chumplee” Russell, has a net worth of $5 million. Every time a Pawn Star episode airs, Chumplee earns $25,000. Not a bad payday.

Like so many other fools that make it big, Chumlee can’t handle success. The lad put it up his nose and wanted to be a bad ass. 25 G’s per episode was Chump change to the Chump.

It doesn’t take long after the bubble breaks when foolish celebs are left standing all alone, choking their chicken. It happens time after time with celebs and their entourages when the bottom falls out.

Let us wait and see if this modestly dressed lady is going to dump the Chump like a hot potato when his bank roll runs out. My guess is …..

I don’t know if he is smart enough to put some away for a rainy day?? By his track record, you be the judge …..

Austin recently wrote a book on how to go from CHUMLEE TO CHUMPLEE in 3 easy lessons.

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