What happens when the bubble breaks???

Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt ridiculous wealth, luxury Christmas vacations

It is almost obscene how they pamper their brats. Many of them are so used to their opulent way of life, they have no concept of how the other 98% lives. Not a good thing.


Take it from one who knows. ALL people should have to eat a little liver in their life or get blasted upside their head with a right hook. If they do not experiences a few hardships in life, if and when the time comes, they will crumble like a 10 year old pizzelle

I really can’t blame the super rich parents for indulging their kids with the good life, BUTT what I would suggest, serve them a little liver once and awhile. You will be doing them a gigantic favor. Later in their life, if times ever get rough, they will be better equipped to handle them.

Mommy and Daddy do not live forever. In the long run, they will love you for it.

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