From Fox News – Michael Goodwin: Don’t expect Trump to stop being Trump in 2019

Michael Goodwin: Don’t expect Trump to stop being Trump in 2019

No man is an island. Read the Goomba Gazette.

If PDT is not careful, he may be sitting in that Casa Bianca all by himself the way he hires, fires and has people quit on him.  I have never seen anything like it.

It is impossible for anyone/one man to manage the magnitude of issues he’s got facing him all by himself.

Not all, BUTT many of the people he initially appointed for cabinet positions were the cream of the crop, The Best of the Best.

Now it leads me to wonder how qualified his recent picks are, if they were not the 1st choice?? I wonder when the 3rd stringers are coming to the plate??

Any person that cannot take constructive criticism from  people that work with them, they should not be in that position.  Anyone that leads with a closed mind is a poor leader. Listening to people of experience suggestions is very healthy. I does not mean their suggestions must be implemented, it means their methods may be better.

Is Donald Trump only looking for Yes Men, obsequious ass kissers to work for him? If so he is barking up the wrong tree and is a very foolish person.

YES MEN in my opinion are considered weak people with no back bone and never a credit to any organization.

The only thing a YES MAN does is, turn a fool onto a  bigger swell headed fool!!!

I think Trump blew his wad already and lost the best qualified people for those critically important positions.

Trump better have some very good tricks up his sleeve. From what I can see, he is deep shit with the Syria and Afghanistan situations.


I still have not given up 100% on PDT; he is just stretching my confidence in him to the limit. I am sure I am not alone!!

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