No man is an Island …..

USA Today

With Mattis resignation, Donald Trump’s bromance with military generals is over

UNLESSSS – UNLESSS Trump is putting on the biggest performance of the century, by acting like an irresponsible fool, this man who was going to make America Great Again, is now taking it down the tubes because of his narcissistic, out of control behavior.

It may be coming more apparent that I, along with millions of other patriotic American, were bamboozled and deceived by the high-flying, master salesman Donald Trump. If this is the case, he was and is as deceptive as his arch enemy Bay-Rock Obama was in 2008. Is there such an animal as an honest politician???

Trump has turned his presidency into an all out war with everyone that disagrees with him, even his supposed closest allies and friends. Normal human-beings do not conduct themselves the manner he does. From my observation, everyone he comes in contact with, he considers his enemy. Everyone except TWEETY BIRD.

With the excessive use of his phone, Trump acts like a love sick 13 year old girl

That includes the majority of the top military generals that were placed in the very strategic positions to guide and advise Trump. Trump has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all of them by not taking their advice. What is going to take to get this narcissistic guy on track?? From what I have seen since his presidency, Trump does not bend for anyone.

His latest and most severe blunder of pulling the troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, against the recommendations, from not one, BUTT ALL of his top military advisers has put the icing on the cake. No one person should have that much power and authority.

Trump’s Cabinet and top advisors – USA TODAY

Take a look at the advisers who will be closest to Trump during his presidency. … So I’m all for finding out how in the world this stuff is happening, and so that we can put …. She came out in favor of removingthe Confederate flag from the South …

Trump orders major military withdrawal from Afghanistan as Mattis ……/trump…advisers…/0c35f874-04a3-11e9-b5df-5d38…

3 days ago – Trump plans for major troop withdrawal from Afghanistan … a move that many of Trump’s senior advisers and military officials have … The order comes on the heels of Trump’s announcement that he will be withdrawing all 2,000 U.S. troops … The issue came up at a White House meeting of Cabinet-level …

Mattis is out: People who left, were fired from Trump administration …

James Mattis is out — here are all the casualties of the Trumpadministration so far … Here are all the top-level people who’ve either been fired or resigned from the … and plan to completely pull all 2,000 currently serving troops out of Syria.

Who in the hell knew Donald Trump before he came into the limelight running for The Big Chair? All we knew was what we read and saw of him on the tube. He came off as the best thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The guy that was going to Make America Great Again. He sold himself as the great patriot that ever lived, a successful business that was going to use his no-nonsense tactic to turn this country around, one that could not be bought, WAS NOT A POLITICIAN, was not going to take any shit from foreign powers as the USA became so accustom to. Was this just an act or has he gone mentally off the deep end since he has been in office?? Possibly a mental evaluation is in order.

One of the elements that put Trump over the top was CHC. If the Dumb-o-crats would have anointed someone else to run, (I really don’t know who) they may have had a chance to beat Trump. In essence, sad BUTT true, like in most elections, the voters are subjected to vote for the best of the worst.

Beside CHC and her clouded history; the people in this country were sick and tired of being abused and pushed around by everyone on the planet; tired of the passive method of the democratic party’s way of governing.


In rides the Great White Hope on his mighty steed. He is going to get American back to respectability. What a salesman he was. He went head to head with the party that put the USA in dire straights and against all odds came out on top and got elected.

I hope for the sake of the country, Trump has an epiphany as sees the damage he is doing. Up until this latest blunder with Syria and Afghanistan I still supported him, mainly because the alternative in my opinion was much worse. BUTT how much worse could it have been??

If we only had a crystal ball, we may not want to look into it.


With the latest revelations, The Judo Guy has to be licking his chops. When the cat goes away, the mice will play!! When the USA pulls out, the USA should probably roll out the red carpet for the guy. He will be right on our heels.

Global panic as Trump withdraws troops

America’s biggest allies and adversaries are terrified, calling the move “a dangerous signal” likely to bring chaos, disorder and increased violence.

If the experts are right and I do believe they are; all the gains the USA made in Syria and Afghanistan will be washed down the drain when we pull out. All of the allies we supported will be up shits creek and imperil without their back-up and literally destroyed. What the ^$#@ is Trump looking at??

If Donald Trump thinks that one man can do it alone, he is sadly mistaken. No man is an Island. 

He either is the slickest man on the planet or the most ignorant and delusional.  More and more I am leaning toward door # 2. I hope I am wrong and he is a lot sharper than everyone thinks he is, BUTT …….

Using the same common-sense and logic as I did with Obama and the blunders he pulled, either on purpose or by accident, is what Trump intends to do in the best interest of the country. All indicators are leaning to the NO answer.

If in fact Trump has become such a detriment to this country; it would not surprise me if all the generals and top military people he either shit canned or were forced to quit, get together and form a coup against Trump. Gotta do what is in the best interest of the country. That is what we thought when we elected Trump. Were we all duped and bamboozled?? That remains to be seen.

I would love to be wrong!!

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