Build it right or not at all …

Democratic leaders say the government has shut down because President Donald Trump threw a “temper tantrum.”

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi say Trump “has gotten what he wanted” after threatening a shutdown several times. The government partially shut down at midnight after an impasse between Trump and Congress over money for a border wall.

The Democrats say the wall is “ineffective and expensive,” adding that Trump “convinced House Republicans to push our nation into a destructive Trump shutdown in the middle of the holiday season.”

This pissing contest between PT and the Democrats has become a personal issue instead of a business issue. The name calling and Boulder Rolling is totally out of hand.

I don’t know if 5 billion dollar$ is enough to construct a wall that is impenetrable. I don’t think there is any such animal. ANY thing man can build; other men can tear apart.

BUTT the fact still remains, if were are going to build a wall, we must do it the right way. I have never seen a government job completed with-in the budget, so what the end number will be is anyone’s guess. They always exceed their estimated costs by a very large margarine.

Be that as it may; if CHC was sitting on The Big Loveseat with Wild Bill at her side; the democrats would not even blink an eye over 5 billion. This entire scenario is just another example of GET BACK!!

The democrats made up their mind way back when, whatever Trump pushes, they will push back. That is unless it is a raise in the paychecks.

ALL politicians remind me of 7-year-old kids playing soccer crying they got fouled.

Do what you get paid for and shut the %#@* up!!

As long as the thieves in DC are still able to go to the tellers window with a check in their hands, they will be in no hurry to co-operate.

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