The final straw that triggered Mattis to resign

The final straw that triggered Mattis to resign

The old saying is, a word to the wise should be sufficient. It doesn’t appear to me that the recipient of General Mathis advice is a wise person.

It is disheartening to see all the people who supposedly from the beginning we’re supposed to be the cream of the crop in Trump’s estimation of his cabinet picks. Now according to him , most of them are second-rate citizens. He is becoming a bigger and bigger disappointment.

When any persons ego controls their Common Sense decisions , they are in big trouble. This is where I see PDT at this point in time.

The worst scenario for any leader, whether it is a Fortune 500 company or the president of the United States that leads with a closed mind , that person is a detriment to the organization. Need I say more!

Donald Trump has to learn that the position he’s in, it’s not just about him. All of his decisions are very crucial to the future of the United States. If he is not leading with a clear and open mind, his troubles have just started.

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