Royal drama …..

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton feud explained by two royal experts: ‘They don’t have to be the best of friends’

The alleged tension between the two duchesses has been widely rumored as the reason behind the announcement of Markle and Harry moving out of London’s Kensington Palace, where Middleton resides with her husband and Harry’s older brother, Prince William, 36.

Meghan still has Harry’s nose wide open – she is a nonconformist and an outsider – she should be the one trying to get along with the rest of the Royals, BUTT she is looking to have everyone kiss her ring.

It is shameful for this women who has been accepted by just about everyone in the UK, contrary to their traditions, is trying to drive a wedge between Harry and the rest of the royals.

As far as Harry goes, he has to leave the British chivalry in the closet and have a good DUTCH UNCLE’S talk with his pregnant bride. Meghan is publicly putting the hammer to Harry’s image as the head of the household, making the one time macho-man look like a punk.

I hear rumors that The Prince always gets the last word in with his wife; YES HONEY!!

I can’t have much respect for anyone that tries to put a wedge between family members, and possibly less respect for anyone that allows it.

Harry should go out and buy the book written by some Italian Stallion named Vito; HOW TO BE THE KING OF YOUR CASTLE. He may learn a thing or two!!!

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