From Fox News – Ex-pediatrician admits molesting more than 30 patients — years after similar case was dismissed

Ex-pediatrician admits molesting more than 30 patients — years after similar case was dismissed

It seems through the years some of the most prolific offenders of child abuse have been very prominent people. May I say very prominent sick in the head people. Many times they have been given a past by authorities because of who they are, only to enable them to commit further crimes somewhere down the road.

This partiality and special treatment for people in the higher places should ABSOLUTELY not be permitted.

As I have suggested many times there should be federal guideline for each crime committed whether it’s in Alaska or Florida.. No exceptions. With that in place, it would eliminate the possibility scumbags like this son of a bitch dad calls himself a doctor from beating the system and putting handcuffs on the judges with their hands out.

Unfortunately, because of the high-priced ambulance Chasers , it is never about the victim. I think many times they are as guilty as the perpetrators.

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