From Fox News – Trump defends decision to remove troops from Syria

Trump defends decision to remove troops from Syria

This may be the biggest mistake that PDT made since he’s been in office

Contrary to all the advice given to him by top military officials, PDT is insistent on pulling all of the troops out of Syria.

All of the progress that has been made in that area, in the opinion of many experts, will be flushed down the shitter after the pull out

I find it hard to fathom why anyone has advisors for consultation,BUTT does not listen to their recommendations.

From what I can see the Judo Guy is licking his chops over the fact that the US is pulling out of Syria.

Essentially this gives Putin carte blanche to continue with his devious/ monsterous War tactics, without worrying about intervention from the United States.

Smart people usually learn by other people’s mistakes. Evidently PDT does not remember what happened when Obama pull the troops out of Iraq. Not a smart move.

I never wanted to see troops are deployed overseas, BUTT if and when that move is made oh, it must be followed through with an occupation.

This one it’s extremely hard to figure out. If someone who does not know any better, they may assume PDT is on the other side. That is approximately the same opinion I had when Obama released 151 billion dollars to Iran. Another bag of tricks that was not a smart move.

This is one of the reasons I am so adamant about anyone holding the office of presidency without having served in the military. They have no comprehension of what the system is all about.

I hope this is not a pattern that PDT setting with continual mistakes.

This explainable decision by PDT can be a very crucial mistake for the United States in the entire world.

The man is making it much harder for believers like me to keep the faith.

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