Don’t masticate where you defecate

KISS’ Ace Frehley: Music stars should be leery of anti-Trump bandwagon

Here is a celebrity that has a little something between his ears. He doesn’t believe in defecating where he masticates. You get the picture.

KISS legend Ace Frehley is opening about why he thinks politics and music don’t mix.

In a new interview with the “Juliet: Unexpected” podcast (via Loudwire), the 67-year-old guitarist revealed that he doesn’t agree when entertainers “jump on a bandwagon against our government.”

“I hate politics. I don’t like talking politics, and I don’t think politics and music mix,” said Frehley, who co-founded the iconic group in 1973.

“I really frown on musicians who get up on a platform and start talking about the president or complain about … I just don’t think it belongs. I’m an entertainer,” he continued. “There’s no reason to bring up politics. Let me play my guitar and write songs and entertain people. That’s my job.”

More celebs should stick to what they do best. It seems to me that some of the most vocal on politics or personal behavior are some of the worst abusers of common decency and decorum. Just blowing smoke to be accepted and recognized with the rest of the Pathetic PC-ers.

For Ace Frehely’s use of good common sense and good judgement, I will give him the best hand in poker; Royal Straight Flush.

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