No shit Sherlock ….

FOX: Vatican committee: Church credibility at risk over sex abuse

They gotta be kidding me. Is this like the guy whose wife was cheating on him for 15 years and he was the only one that didn’t know about the affairs?? GMAFB

The Vatican committee must have been inhaling too much incense smoke all these years to just realize their church is in big trouble.

I can’t think of toooo many other crimes against humanity that are worse than the pedophile priest epidemic and they JUST came to the realization their credibility is at risk. Sherlock Homes would have told his sidekick, it has been elementary my dear Watson.

I don’t know if any type of damage control will help salvage their cause and ever get THE RIGHT HANDERS back to the strong religion they once were. I think whatever their game plan is, IF THEY EVEN HAVE ONE, it will be too little too late.

If it were ONLY a case of the sick bastard pedophiles, it would be a little easier to accept. BUTT the people that covered up for the sickos are worse than they are. That is the difficult scenario to forgive.

If the can of worms was opened years back and address by the authorities, 10’s of 1,000’s of kids would have been saved from being abused. BUTT all the church was concerned about was the dead presidents hitting the collection basket.

The old cliche of; do what I say not what I do has long expired.

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