While the politicians play games …..


White House, Dems refuse to budge over border wall funding as Friday deadline looms

While the politicians play games, get-back and I got-ya with one another, the country can conceivably shut down this Friday.Do they care?? Foolish question.

What does it mean when the government shuts down? In United States politics, a government shutdown occurs when Congress fails to pass or the President fails to sign appropriations: legislation funding federal government operations and agencies.

What Does It Mean For The Government To Shut Down Right Now?

https://www.bustle.com/…/what-does-it-mean-for-the-government-to-shut-down-right…Jan 20, 2018 – Democrats and Republicans in the Senate could not come to an agreement … over the weekend, here’s what the government shutdown would mean for … health care to nearly 9 million low-income children across the country.

Essentially it means that these pamper-politicians are not doing their job. How can they really be efficient when they only SHOW-UP (I did not say work) about 138 days a year? If one say blue, the other says black.  It is in their DNA not to cooperate with one another.

They are suffering from the GWB & Dick Cheney syndrome. They knew they were going to invaded Iraq regardless of what their top inspector said about weapons of mass instruction. Their minds was made up to go to war before their guy ever got back this country with he report that NO WEAPONS existed. 

Same O , Same O with the political parasites. Their minds are made up before the sit down to negotiate. No matter what the other-side say; they give it a thumbs down.

One thing I would want everyone in this country to know, if they don’t already. These low-life parasites that call themselves servants of the people passed a law a few years back, to make sure, if the government did shut down, even because it was it was due to their negligence, their pay checks would not stop. NOW I will AXE you the 64,000$ question. Who or what is their top priority?? Sure as hell is not the people that voted them in office.

A few years back, I told the president of our local union, when the unions go on strike, the pay checks and perks for the agents would automatically stop until the strike was settled. Then we would see how long they would drag it out.  I made the comment in front of his wife. If she had a gun, today I would not be doing this post.

The same thing should apply to the parasite politicians. Stop their pay and perks until they pass a budget. We would NEVER see a shut down.

What incentive do these thieves in the night have to settle an agreement or pass a bill, if it does not impact their way of life??  Absolutely none.

It appears that I am not alone:

What is the approval rating of the US Congress? According to the most recent CNN poll, just 18 percent of voters approve of Congress, while 75 percent disapprove. Mar 29, 2018

I guess the other 7% of mindless folks don’t have an opinion.

How long would the slackers/bums last with a real job in corporate America? Probably not until lunch time.


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