Mueller the Mauler ….

Fox News

Michael Flynn is innocent, wrongly prosecuted by Mueller to hurt Trump

It is apparent that Mueller the Mauler has way too much power. The guy is a predator  and a danger to the government and innocent people.

If you want a textbook example of wrongful prosecution of a man who should never have been charged with a crime, just look at the case of retired Army Lt. Gen. and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

New documents released Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller make it clear that Flynn is a victim of an overzealous team of prosecutors absolutely desperate to show that President Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

No one person should have as much power as The Mauler does, especially when they have ulterior motives. 

From the beginning, The Mauler was on a mission to bring down Trump at all costs. It didn’t matter to him if he accomplished his dirty deeds legally or illegally

It must be the responsibility of any prosecutor, not to be partial, to obtain the facts as they exist and  not be on a witch hurt for a personal vendetta or DOOR # 2, doing the dirty deed on someone else behalf.  I do suspect it is a combination of both.

The new court filings provide yet more proof that Mueller will stop at almost nothing and run over anyone who gets in his way as he tries to build a case against the president after 19 months of his anti-Trump crusade.

Mueller doesn’t really care about Flynn. He wants to use Flynn to destroy Donald Trump.

Plain and simple, the information made public Friday shows that the FBI lied to Flynn to ensnare him in the crime of making a false statement, even though Flynn did not lie.

If these fact are accurate and not FAKE NEWS, it is only right to prosecute the prosecutor for his nefarious methods of handling this case. The guy is a demon with too much power.

Why did Flynn plead guilty if he didn’t commit a crime?  As I wrote in my book, “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump,” Flynn pleaded guilty not because he lied, but because Mueller crushed him financially and threatened to take legal action against the retired Army general’s son. Flynn had to spend so much on defense attorneys that he was forced to sell his home, and Mueller’s prosecution made it impossible for Flynn to find employment.

As far as I know, blackmailing in a threatening manner is a crime.  If that is accurate, shouldn’t Mueller be considered a criminal??

One question comes to mind. Why didn’t PDT come to Flynn’s rescue and get him off the hook?? After all, it was because he was associated with PDT that he was being dissected.

The law is the law and should be conducted as the law in a legal and impartial manner.  It is the responsibility of a prosecutor, not to be partial, to obtain the facts as they exist and  not be on a witch hurt for a personal vendetta or DOOR # 2, doing some else dirty work,  which I do suspect in this case.

If we want to be fair about this pissing contest between PDT and his adversaries, mainly CHC (this is what it has been all about for the get go)  it should be mandatory for the prosecutors to scrutinize CHC and her crew as diligently as they are policing PDT’s case.  Then let the cards fall where they may.

I always have to include a BIG IFFFF when quoting the media or politicians. IFFF these revelations about Flynn are true, there is no way he should serve a day in jail.  He should be reimbursed for all is legal fees and any other monetary expenses he accrued during his ordeal. Plus throw in a few million dollar$ for slander and intimidation.

Mueller must have really put the squeeze to Flynn’s nuts to crack a seasoned General in the US Army.

Someone has to put the breaks on The Mauler or shit can him. He is a dangerous man.

What more can be said!!

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