Move over Rhonda Rousey …..

Woman arrested after racist tirade in NYC subway

A Brooklyn woman whose racist, profanity-laced tirade on the New York subway was captured on video this week has been charged with felony assault after she struck a fellow passenger, authorities said.

The dispute between Anna Lushchinskaya, a 40-year-old white woman, and the 24-year-old passenger, a woman of Asian descent, began after Lushchinskaya bumped into the woman early Tuesday, the New York Police Department told CNN.

Move over Rhonda; Anna is in the house putting the boots to anyone that gets in her way.

She is kicking ass and taking names.  By what I see of her assault, it would not surprise me if Lushchinskaya was an elite member of the KGB’s interrogation team. The ones that beat a confession out of their detainees.

The fracas  all started when an Asian women bumped into the pugilist accidentally – what followed was a lot of insults – kicking – punching – hitting with an umbrella and spitting at the folks that tried to settle this She Devil down.

This is not her first go-round with the law. This is Lushchinskaya’s second arrest this year for a subway altercation — both took place at the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn. In June, she was arrested for allegedly pepper spraying a man and woman, according to DCPI detective Sophia Mason. Both were Hispanic. She was charged with harassment, menacing with a weapon and attempted assault.

I heard through the grape vine that Dana White, president of the UFC was trying to get this gals number so he could contact her and possibly sign her up.  The only stipulation would be if Dana was successful, she has to leave her umbrella at home.

You think this broad has anger issues????  HELLO

Always be aware folks, now more often then ever we encounter a crazy person at every turn.

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