Cohen was on the wrong side of the street …..

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is sentenced to three years in prison for ‘dirty deeds’

“Even powerful and privileged individuals cannot violate these laws with impunity,” said Nicolas Roos, assistant U.S. attorney for SDNY. “In committing these crimes, Mr. Cohen has eroded faith in the electoral process and the rule of law.”

You know what I have to say to that: 

It all depends on what team you are on at the time. If Cohen was connected with CHC or WBC, he would be in the Land of Sunshine with a margarita in each hand, sitting on a lawn chair with his toes facing up.

The judicial system in many cases revolves around, who the person is connected with, how much $oldi their daddy has under his mattress, who their Ma Ma shacked up with when she was running the streets and if the judge is a crook or not!!.

Plain and simple. Some of the most egregious criminals have come away with a slap on the wrist. 

With a stroke of the pen, PDT can easily spring his OLD/use-to-be buddy, BUTT I don’t see that happening with Judas. 

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