From Fox News – Mark Levin: A time for truth

Mark Levin: A time for truth

I always like to keep my information condensed and as simple as possible.

To put it in the layman’s terms; the Democrats and the left-wingers are full of shit. I don’t think it could be defined in more simple terms than that.

It is all smoke and mirrors hoping to kick up some dust around PDT.

If both sides would drop their act, put their nose to the grindstone, do the job they were elected for, they certainly could be accomplishing a lot more then playing astronomical name game that has consumed so much of all the politicians time.

With them only working part-time, we have to get out of them whatever we can.

It is on Way Beyond ridiculous with both sides trying to execute the other. If all of that energy was put in to a positive direction, there is no telling how much they could accomplish for the American people. The majority of it on both sides is ONLY about ego.

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