Why Obama got a pass you axe???

 By Victoria Toensing | Fox News

Victoria Toensing: Why has Mueller ignored Obama administration crimes?

The matter of Gen. Michael Flynn began with criminal conduct.  But it was not committed by Flynn.  The crimes were leaking the contents of classified telephone conversations between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and revealing the identity of Flynn as a party to the conversations.

Before Flynn flunked remembering every word of a conversation he was asked to recall weeks later, an Obama administration official had egregiously broken the national security and privacy laws. But only Flynn has been charged with a crime.

Victoria axes the question; why were the crimes committed by the Obama administration ignored?? There can only be one answer. For most of the situations were because  he was the 1st half white and half black president the USA ever elected. Like most bi-racial people, Obama identified himself as being black. 

Obama knew he was bullet proof because of his heritage and played it to the hilt.  Most Americans walked on egg shell when dealing with or speaking about Obama so not to be labeled as a racist. 

Just one of MANY great examples: 

US sent plane with $400 million in cash to Iran – CNN Politics – CNN.com

https://www.cnn.com/2016/08/03/politics/us-sends-plane-iran…million-cash/index.htmlAug 4, 2016 – US sent plane packed with $400 million in cash to Iran. … Washington (CNN) The Obama administration secretly arranged a plane … onto its remaining Americans prisoners until they can get more money for them. … “Iran was in big trouble, they had sanctions, they were dying, we took off the sanctions and …

Yes, it was CASH and no one blinked an eye.  I can not even imagine the backlash if PDT pulled a shot like that??? 

As far as I have always been concerned, I could care less what race the president of the USA is, or any other politicians, as long as he or she does the job they were elected to do and not just a con-man milking the system for their own agenda. That is a losing battle. 

Did Obama have his own agenda like many of the presidents did?? You be the judge. 


Obama Scandal: Former President Obama and his political supporters have repeatedly stated that his administration was scandal-free, unlike administrations before and after. “We’re probably the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House,” Obama himself said. A new book puts the lie to that statement.

If PDT were to pull some of the shots Obama did; the street of DC would be lined with lynch mobs. 

Unfortunately, this mentality and reversed prejudice is never going to change.  The same fools that applauded Obama for many of the deliberate mistakes/activities he made are wanting to tar and feather PDT for far lesser situations. 

There is a mystique about this cunning man that captivates a particular group of people who can not see through his facade.  He wears it well. AXE the black community what he did for them while in office. Many think he could have done a lot more. BUTT yet, they and a large group of others think he can walk on water. 

If any person can master the ART of verbal communication to it’s highest degree, there are no boundaries/limits as to what they can achieve. Obama was one of the greatest communicators, IN FRONT OF A TELEPROMPTER. 

VIDEO PROOF:   http://charlescrawford.biz/2017/02/05/teleprompters-no-thanks/


Oct 18, 2011 – The teleprompter is a symbol of the presidency. But on the campaign trail, its use, especially by President Obama, has been mocked repeatedly …

Video: President Barack Obama left speechless after aides forget to …

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/barackobama/…/President-Barack-Obama-left-speechless-…Jun 7, 2013 – President Barack Obama shouts for his “people” after his staff forget to put his prepared remarks on the podium’s teleprompter. … Just ahead of making his first public comments about the recent controversy surrounding government surveillance programmes, President Barack Obama teased …

Obama’s safety net: the TelePrompter – POLITICO


Mar 5, 2009 – President Barack Obama doesn’t go anywhere without hisTelePrompter. The textbook-sized panes of glass holding the president’s prepared …

Folks; it is the same as the kids in school that are allowed the use of a computer. Who or what is solving the problem, the kid or the computer???

What more can I say???

One little side note: Voters beware. There may be a new potential candidate in 2020. The grooming is certainly in the works. 


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