Hundreds of sexual abuse cases reported at children’s camps across U.S.

Hundreds of sexual abuse cases reported at children’s camps across U.S.

This is of epidemic proportions. The sick bastards need to be castrated or whatever else is appropriate to decrease their sex drive, and locked up for the rest of their life so they can’t get next to these young kids.

We are supposed to be moving in a positive direction as a society, I see us regressing.

Shame on mankind. The kids today are forced to being brought up in this type of pathetic environment thanks impart to the PC-ers that are totally out of control and the judicial system that is not handing out stiffer penalties to the criminals.

Each generation theoretically should be advancing further then the generations before them. This absolutely it’s not the case in the year 2018. Anybody that doesn’t agree, as their head where the sun doesn’t shine.

Sad commentary!!!

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