Who hired all these people in the 1st place???

‘He was dumb as a rock’: Trump responds to Rex Tillerson calling him ‘undisciplined’H

I must admit, PDT has been a big disappointment to the American people in a lot of ways. Primarily with his over-the-top outspokenness (big mouth) unable to contain himself with his derogatory comments about his people that disagree with him, some being very close to him at one time or another. 


THE MAN just does not make sense in many ways. He is bound and determined to chop-up anyone that gets in his way.  There a hundreds of ways to dispute someone without trying to belittle them. 

He can not see the forest on account of the trees and is just demonstrating his ignorance by the way he fires off the insults. It does not seem that anyone is safe if he gets pissed off at them. 

On the other side of the coin; if he would put his nose to the grindstone and behaved in a more suitable manner (I don’t know if is able to), conducting his business professionally, he would do himself and the country a big favor. 

No one is AXING him to develop a different personality; what I would like to see, is him refine the one he has. Realistically, by the way PDT behaves/misbehaves, we can classify him as a bully. 

It is time for him to clean up HIS ACT, BUTT I don’t see it happening. 

On day one he appoints some to a post. According to PDT, this person is the next best thing since a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Two weeks (or sooner) down the road, THE MAN is chopping them up like a hog in a slaughter house. What the hell is the matter with him.

The president’s harsh response included calling Tillerson “lazy as hell” and saying that Tillerson didn’t “have the mental capacity needed” to do his job properly. That all has changed, Trump said, with Mike Pompeo, who took over the role after Tillerson’s ouster. 

“He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough,” Trump said of his former top diplomat in a tweet Friday. “He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!”

QUESTION: Who hired Tillerson??

This is a man that PDT sent all over the world to represent and negotiate for the USA. Now all of a sudden Tillerson is lazy as hell and dumb as a rock?? 

I definitely want to support PDT as president, BUTT he is making it very difficult for a lot of people to keep the faith. When if feel skeptical about PDT sitting in the Big Chair; I always think of the alternative and feel much better.  

To me; he is like a brother I love, BUTT can’t stand some of the things he does.

In some respects, PDT is his own worst enemy and initiates many of his own problems. He has so much to offer the world if he just:

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