The epitome of; a REAL MOTHER

Casey Anthony’s former roommate speaks out in doc: ‘She’s lying about everything’

She was lying; No shit!! 

Is this the first time the light went on for some people?? Helen, Ray and Stevie Wonder could have seen she was as guilty as sin.

She sure sucked in the dirty old men on jury with the tight sweaters she was wearing and her forced crocodile tears. 

She reveled all the attention she was getting. 

Don’t tell me that her entire phony demeanor and appearance were not a big act contrived by her and the mouth-piece. Then to have the nerve to try and blame her father for her daughter’s death.  I never thought anyone could stoop that low. 

This tramp and her ambulance chaser fall into the Orenthal category as some of the worst, despicable people on the planet that got away with IT!!  This sub-human being (I was going to call her a bitch, BUTT didn’t want to degrade the dogs) is as low as anyone can be

I understand the ambulance chaser defended her pro bono just for the exposure and bartered the rest of the payment in services rendered???? May have just be a rumor?? You be the judge. 


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