My sympathetic heart bleeds for Sir-Lost-a-Lot …..

Lance Armstrong says last six years have ‘really sucked’ while dealing with doping fallout

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the cheating, lying, thief who deliberately deceived the public and cheated all the honest guyS he competed against for years??

Sir- Lost-A-Lot has the crying towel out, trying to get sympathy for his the last 6 years of suffering that he claims, really sucked.

Disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong said Thursday he’ll spend the “rest of his life” trying to make amends to the people he let down and who view him as a fraud after publicly admitting to blood doping six years ago.

Armstrong also said the last six years of his life have “really sucked” as he’s dealt with the fallout. . 

It’s been terrible,” Armstrong said in a “Today” show interview that aired Thursday

April 19, 2018 – The US Department of Justice announces Armstrong has agreed to pay the United States $5 million to settle a lawsuit against him. The government accused Armstrong of fraud in 2013 after he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs while the US Postal Service was paying millions to sponsor his team.

Although Sir-Lost-A-Lot had was forced to come up with 5 million  for a government fine, it is e$timated he is still worth about 50 million.  I would not feel too sorry for the cheater.

How many guys, hard working, legitimate athletes did he stiff all the years he was doping and lying about his dirty little secret? Those are the people that we should have compassion for.  I think the authorities should have demanded him financially compensate them for their potential  losses. 

It is the same with all the people that get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They only feel bad after the fact and it is not for the ones they screwed over, their sympathetic hearts only bleed for themselves. 

SIR-LOST-A-LOT may have lost a lot; BUTT, don’t you worry, he STILL HAS A LOT!!!

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