Ambulance chaser needs a better ambulance chaser ….

Avenatti to lose cash, artwork, Ferrari in divorce settlement with wife:

Who the hell represented this guy in his divorce case. If he defended himself, he is a bigger fool than I thought. If he hired someone, he must have gone on the economy plan and had a public-defender or a kid that just got his shingle. What a beating he took!! Could not happen to a more deserving guy!!

On Wednesday, the 47-year-old lawyer reached a divorce settlement with his estranged wife that will require him to hand over thousands of dollars and other assets for liquidation, according to court filings.

The court filings in Orange County, Calif., as reported by TMZ, indicate a judge has ordered Avenatti to pay his wife Lisa Storie-Avenatti $162,295 per month in child and spousal support retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018. The combined total amounts to more than $1.9 million upfront.

Looks like Lisa may have already spent some of the bums money on a pair of store bought hooters.  She is a beauty. 

In addition, the judge ordered Avenatti to fork over his assets for liquidation including five luxury wristwatches – some worth $50,000 – a Frank Gehry sculpture, several pricey works of art, and a 2017 Ferrari 488 GT Spider worth about $300,000, according to the report. The judge also mandated that Avenatti’s law firm, Avenatti & Associates, transfer its interest in a 2016 Honda private jet.

163,000$ a month in child & spousal support?? This gal lives high on THE HOG. 

Although Lisa got a gigantic settlement, she really didn’t need his $oldi up until now.

Lisa Storie Avenatti is a self-made businesswoman and entrepreneur with her own long career in online commerce.

Her clothing business Ikaria Resort Wear was booming  until recently when it seen a down turn in business. BUTT as  lady luck has it, she dumped a bum with a lot of $oldi that can keep her in diamonds and minks for a long time to come. 

All of the negative publicity the bum has been getting, it can’t be too good for  business. Who the hell would want to deal with the likes of him?? 

It may come to the point that Mikie Boy may have to get a part- time job stripping or something in that line to make ends meet. Got some big expenses in front of him. I hear her knows people in the business. Possibly Mikie and Stormy could put together a tag-team/duo stripping routine. It would be interesting to watch. 

I heard through my sources; PDT is looking for a shoe shine boy and someone to clean the heads (military for bathrooms)  in the Casa Bianca.  Mikie may want to get his application in early.  I am sure PDT will give him special consideration. 

It is not all bad. With the position, if he qualifies, there comes a title. Something guys like Mikie are impressed with, titles. His new title will be Chief Urinal Colonel.  I have to say the title is befitting the man and much deserved. 

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