She said what????

Dems have hard time connecting to voters because they know so much:

Are you kidding me????  Democrats know so much????

Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, on Tuesday told a conference that she heard one of the reasons that her party has a difficult time connecting with voters is because Democrats know so much, and have a tendency of appealing to voters’ minds instead of their hearts.

Hirono made the comment at a conference in Washington, D.C. She was asked by the moderator about ways Democrats could drive voter turnout.

“I wish I had the answer to that because one of the things that we, Democrats, have a really hard time is connecting to people’s hearts instead of [their heads],” Hirono said. “We’re really good at shoving out all the information that touch people here [pointing to her head] but not here [pointing to her heart].”

Did this lady really say; Democrats know so much??   One thing the lady from Hawaii got right is when she said shoving out information. 

They shove it out so fast and furious with such frequency it is hard to keep track of all of their negativity.

I never had a problem with criticizing anyone for anything, BUTT the key word is being FAR. There have been so many incident like the immigration tape comparing PDT & WBC doing or saying the same thing, BUTT the democrats that know so much  make their favoritism so blatant they look ridiculous.  Criticize fault if necessary BUTT acknowledge achievement if applicable. Be fair. 

The last time I looked, the only thing the majority of democrats are really good at is running their mouth. They still have not awaken to the facts that, silence is golden and the less that is said, the better. They have made such fools out of themselves ever since they got their asses stomped in the election with their irrational, off-the-wall, nonsensical attacks on PDT it is ridiculous, more and more people are getting turned off by their redundancy. 

I am still waiting for all the fools on The Ship of Fools to leave this country if Trump won the election as they promised. That in-it-self is another indicator of shallowness of their attacks. 

It has been proven time and time again with their double standards, what was good for WBC and the democrats is not good for PDT and the republicans.  They are so pathetic that they even try to deny what is on video rape.

WBC got a standing ovation, PDT got booed off the stage. Is there a double standard or what?? ORRR is it that, like Hirono said, Democrats know so much??

In my opinion, the best thing the democrats can do is to start a slush fund and pay some of their people to stay home and off of the air waves.  They continually are making fools of themselves. 

One of their biggest clowns in their circus is Nan. She has proven it time and time again. 

The lady is a danger to herself and politics.

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YETTTT, even with her consistent display of  ignorance, she was recently rewarded by re-crowned the Queen of the democratic party. If she is the best they have, they do as Hirono says; have a problem. 


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