Who is the bigger criminal ….

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump administration has been ‘criminal from the start’

CRIMINAL???? The false hope she and her cronies are force-feeding the public is by far more criminal than anything PDT may have ever done. 

Cortez and company are constantly pushing the socialist way of life. Anyone with 1/10 of a brain has to know that Socialism is and has not been very successful way of governing. 

One of the many examples of the dark side of socialism. 


Cortez is one of the wack jobs that is a proponent of socialism and beyond. These are just some of her opinions/position on how to run government.  I can not believe that supposedly intelligent like her can come up with such preposterous recommendations.  

All of that chest beating and false hope she and some of her cronies (including TMC being a closet socialist) is all well and good; the only major hangup in their nirvana based society where everything is free is, HOW THE HELL DO WE PAY FOR IT. 

I might run for The Big Chair in 2020 and promise everyone in this country a FREE weekly check of 20,000$, a 4,000 sf fully furnished mansion, two Bently per family, all expenses paid four month vacation in the country of their choice and free toilet paper to wipe their lazy asses. BUTT, HOW DO I PAY FOR IT?

Just to prove their ignorance, delightful ways and cunningness; they all know it is impossible to keep their empty promises, they are ONLY running their mouth to get the votes.  All of their hypothetical rhetoric sounds wonderful to young, gullible college students who are looking for a free ride and people in the poor communities that are looking for hope. BUTT all this is is false hope.  

It is so easy for some fools to sit back and criticize others after the fact. The proof is in the pudding. If Cortez and her homies think they can sustain a government with their out-of-space ideologies, put it down on paper and have the experts analyze it.

As I have repeated many times; it is exhilarating when I hear fools like Cortez run their mouth; it just truly proves how ignorant they are.  If they can not come up with a better, common-sensed, feasible, working solution, shut the %#@& up. 

If according to Cortez what PDT is doing is criminal, trying to make America Great Again, what is Cortez and the fools that share her far-left ideologies doing by  spreading impossibilities and false hope??

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