Dumb and Dumber – Hypocrites of the century…

Pelosi, Schumer expected to meet with Trump amid battle over border funding

Will we ever see an end to the stupidity of these two and their counterparts??  It doesn’t look like it t me.  Her party just re-upped this screwball.

They are in the group of fools that are in favor of cutting our military funding and other programs that keep this country safe. It is/was OK with them and TMC to cut military funding while all of the other super-powers are going balls to the walls.

Funding for Trump’s border wall could be a key topic at Tuesday’s meeting. The president has asked Congress to provide $5 billion for the project, much higher than what Democrats are willing to support.

Congress has already allocated $1.3 billion.

If THE WALL is the answer, (I am not thoroughly convinced it is, it may serve as a deterrent, BUTT never stop the infiltration completely) and it is not built properly, all the money put into a half-assed wall construction will be like taking a torch and burning it up. Totally useless.

Would these fools build half of a house to live in? One with half the walls or no roof?? Knowing what I know about them, it would not surprise me. I call it, cutting off their nose to spite their face.  I’ll get back at you just wait and see!!

STILL,  All of this insanity revolves around CHC getting stomped in 2016. It is not going to end until they put another democrat sits in the Casa Bianca. What a disaster for this country.

While I am pounding these keys, a hypothetical thought entered my mind. WHAT IF – I SAY, WHAT IF the new guy in the Casa Bianca was a black republican instead of a white guy who is worth billions, is not a politician and doesn’t cave into outside pressures?? The black guy did the exact same things PDT is doing. I can guarantee that there would be 1/10 of the backlash as we see with PDT.

SOOO; based on that observation, I have to conclude, they all are a bunch of hypocrites.

Ladies and gents; I will bet all of the $oldi I have stuffed under my mattress that we would not be witnessing all of this insanity.

Lets be honest, some of the things TMC did while in office will come back to haunt us and the entire word for centuries and no one is uttering a word about them. All the guy gets is standing ovations. Does 151 billion+ Iran ring a bell??? Why you AXE?? Because he is a black man and no one wants to be labeled a racist.

How about cutting military spending to the bone??


UNFORTUNATELY; it is a very sad fact of life; the strong will survive and the weak will crumble.

I said this before and I will say it again. I could care less what color – nationality –  where they came from (as long as they are a citizen) who their Ma Ma is; all I care about is the President of the USA  and all the politicians in this country, do what they were elected and sworn to do.  That does not seem to be the case. As soon as the majority of them get their size 13 in the door, the rest is all about them.

People like Pelosi and Chucky Boy should take a 20 year sabbatical on a deserted island somewhere until this all blows over.  Their presents in the democratic party, is just a very big indicator how bad off the part really is.


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