Livin large greedy bitch …

Veterans charity’s ex-leader guilty of stealing $900G for personal expenses

This heartless cold-heated thief isn’t smiling anymore. She is not just a run of the mill thief, she was the director of a military support organization who had very sticky fingers.

Patricia Driscoll the former director of a veterans charity organization was convicted Thursday of stealing money from the nonprofit for personal expenses including jewelry, shopping, and business ventures, according to court documents.

This piece of work isn’t an ordinary small-time thief who took a few crumbs from the cake, she stole the whole cake. She stole 900G’s from the vets charity. Adding insult to injury, she was the director of organization that was set up to help the disabled vets. 900 G’s, that is a big number. Wasn’t there anyone watching the store??

Does this thief have any idea what 900 G’s could do to help the vets?? Obviously not.
Driscoll was the former executive director of the Armed Forces Foundation, a Washington-based charity formed in 2001 to promote quality-of-life for veterans and their families. The only quality of life this tramp was concerned with was her own. I hope she likes orange, she will be wearing that color for a long time.

How the hell do people land positions like this?? Isn’t there some vetting going on before the books are turned over to them?? I would have to assume that she didn’t steal the entire 900 G’s in one lump sum, it had to be over an extended period. 

Someone was not watching the store to have the theft escalate to where it did. Didn’t her colleagues notice a change in her life style and appearance??  It is like the cop that makes 60 thousand a year , who live in a 40,000 sf mansion. It doesn’t add up.

Driscoll’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for March. She faces a maximum 20 years in prison on the wire fraud charge and a maximum of 10 years for first-degree fraud. Tax evasion carries a statutory maximum of five years. Hopefully she gets the book thrown at her.

Naturally, the thief’s ambulance chaser Brian W. Stolarz was enraged by the verdict. We are very disappointed by the verdict and the government’s misconduct in this case. We will appeal, This is not the final chapter of this story.

Governments misconduct?? What about the thief’s misconduct?? 

These ambulance chaser have a great job; whether they win or lose, they still get the big bucks.  Like the weatherman on the tube. WEATHER they are right or wrong, they still get paid.

Whatever happened to the non-violent, compassionate thief that only robbed banks using a handwritten note??  He knew they the banks were insured and the little guy would not get hurt. 

There is no honor among thieves anymore, or was there ever??

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